Long Island Mom Jailed For 60 Days After Harassing Little League Official

There are times when being from Long Island makes you want to claim to actually be from Jersey out of embarrassment, and Little League stalker mom Janet Chiauzzi is a perfect example of one of those times.

Long Islanders can be very loosely stereotyped as brash, demanding, brusque, rude, entitled and bossy. As a person who lives on Long Island, I myself feel this way roughly every time I get onto a main roadway and have to share it with these people. These people. Visitors have also characterized us as orange and accented and myopic, and despite our proximity to the more cultured Manhattan, we can be.

Back to Janet Chiauzzi. So this woman, from East Meadow, her kid wasn’t picked for a summer baseball team. One might imagine this would prompt some frosty looks at PTA meetings, but Chiauzzi took it a step further, writing threatening letters to the coach who passed over one of her sons for a place on the team.

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Crazy, right? It gets worse. Chiauzzi is then accused of filing a false report with Nassau County Child Protective Services, claiming coach John DeMasi, 42, abused her son. In the letters, it is said that Chiauzzi made insinuations about “something terrible” happening to DeMasi and mentioned his wife and child.

Eventually, Chiauzzi pled guilty to stalking and filing a false instrument, and three other charges were dismissed. A Nassau County judge sentenced the Long Island Little League mom to 60 days in prison, and a further five years of probation.