WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Girlfriend And NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber Trends Worldwide Over Swastika Love

This weekend should have been a happy moment for new WWE NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber. She made her NXT debut at a live event as she joined up with Solomon Crowe. She is apparently playing Crowe’s younger sister. We might end up seeing her on WWE programming by the next batch of WWE NXT tapings. For now, her televised debut is still uncertain.

Despite this happy moment in her career, Zahra may already be in hot water. Zahra posted images with the known Nazi Swastika symbol in 2012 on her Instagram account. After her debut, the pictures immediately went viral.

These pictures have of course been removed. They potentially were removed before she was hired by the WWE. However, it does seem that on the Internet, nothing ever truly dies. The pictures have been found, and have since been blasted all over the ‘net. Some were even sent to Triple H for his opinion.

Here are the two found thus far.

Zahra swas pic

NXT Zahra swas

As of now, WWE has not commented on the ordeal. Most fans are not pointing to the pictures as the main issue here, but rather Zahra’s defense of them. Everyone knows by now that the Nazi symbol is the Swastika. However, the symbol was known for a completely different reason before Adolf Hitler adopted the symbol for his Nazi army. Many people who support it today usually tend to be terrorist groups or white supremacists.

Today, the symbol is seen as such a bad thing that anyone trying to force it back into the term it used to be would be impossible. The Nazis were some of the most vile people in history. To relate it to something present day: look at the argument of the Confederate Flag. The flag never stood for racism, but it was adopted by the south during the war and reinvented.

Those who support the flag will talk about it symbolizing southern pride these days. The argument is tough, as it did once stand for a racist period.

The Swastika symbol is the same thing. It stands for something terrible, and still does in some areas, that allowing it to be used as a luck or love symbol is idiotic.

One glaring issue with Zahra’s last post is that it clearly shows a horse with a mustache similar to that of Hitler. Therefore, the thought that this particular picture ever stood for anything other than hate is wrong.

The biggest problem for Zahra today is that this is now public. She is the girlfriend of current WWE United States and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Due to this, she could hurt his image if she were to support something like this as well as WWE.

If you recall, both were involved in a bit of a social media fire earlier this year when Rollins’ girlfriend at the time caught him cheating with Zahra and decided to post nude pictures of them both on various social media outlets. This most likely means we will get a statement of some kind about this, as it probably won’t die off any time soon. This is twice in a year that she has been involved in major issues for WWE. Both cannot be blamed on her for posting, but the newest does show her in a new light that might cost her if nothing is said.

[IMG Credit: SEScoops, guioteca.com]