MI6 Spy Found Dead In Suitcase After Hacking Data On Bill Clinton Angering Bosses, Scotland Yard Rules No Foul Play

Scotland Yard ruled that there was no foul play involved in the 2010 death of MI6 agent Gareth Williams despite the fact the man’s body was found stuffed inside a locked suitcase. Though foul play was not considered, new information shows that Williams had infuriated his MI6 bosses prior to his death for illegally hacking into secret data on former U.S. president Bill Clinton. Williams family says that they feel Gareth was murdered by “agents specializing in the dark arts of the secret services,” as the man would have been physically incapable of locking himself into the suitcase on his own. Furthermore, forensics equipment was moved after the body was found, despite the fact that the building was heavily armed. This has led the family to believe that a highly trained individual entered the building to cover their tracks when the body was discovered.

The Daily Mail reports that the mysterious death of MI6 agent Gareth Williams continues to capture the public’s eye, as Scotland Yard claims the man locked himself into the suitcase despite the fact that a trained yoga instructor was unable to accomplish the same feat. Therefore, many have questioned exactly what the organization may be hiding regarding the spy’s death.

New information regarding Williams was released that shows he had angered MI6 bosses when he illegally hacked into U.S. data on Bill Clinton. The agency blamed Williams for increased tensions with U.S. security services over the spy’s transatlantic work and breach of data. A source close to the debacle says that the hack caused a diplomatic nightmare for the MI6 agency, and that higher ups were not happy.

“The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams’ work with America was of the most sensitive nature. It was a diplomatic nightmare for Sir John Sawers, the new director of MI6 at the time.”

Though the exact nature of Williams work with MI6 is unknown, but sources say he dealt with technology that tracked money flows between Russia and European gangs. Therefore, others theorize that Williams disrupted a Russian mafia ring and that he was killed by the mafia for his involvement.

Despite troubles with MI6 bosses, the American NSA, and ties to interrupting Russian mafia money transfers, Scotland Yard ruled there was no foul play in the mysterious death. The spy’s family does not agree with the conclusion, and says the death was absolutely murder. Coroner Dr. Fiona Wilcox agrees. Wilcox, who heard the 2012 inquest into his death, criticized MI6 for failing to report that the spy had not been to work in over a week and says they are to blame for the loss of forensic evidence. In fact, Wilcox notes that there was nothing natural about the MI6 spy’s death.

“[The death was] unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.”

With all of the evidence supporting the idea that Williams was placed into the suitcase by someone else and numerous motives available, why do you think Scotland Yard ruled that there were no grounds for “foul play” in the mysterious death?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Oli Scarff]