Rude Windshield Note Viral: Driver Finds Rude Note On Windshield, His Epic Response Is Turning Heads [Photo]

One guy recently found an extremely rude letter on the windshield of his car. Apparently, another driver wasn’t too pleased with his parking skills, so that person decided to voice their frustrations. Although the statement was a one-liner, it definitely packed an insulting punch.

“Who the hell are you a**hole?”

The short insult was so scathing, the recipient of the note decided to respond accordingly. Now, his epic response has gone viral. On Saturday, August 29, the driver shared a photo of the scathing note via Reddit. The post, which was a photo of the original note and the driver’s response, also included a brief caption describing the incident. “Someone left a passive aggressive note on my windshield, I responded in kind,” the Redditor wrote.

“You are concerned about my vehicle’s affect on the grass, but have trouble expressing yourself. You think my vehicle is blocking yours, but have trouble expressing yourself. You are a note writing enthusiast who has trouble expressing yourself. You genuinely want to get to know me, and you have Tourette’s.”

Within hours, the note had gone viral with thousands of shares. However, that’s not all. It’s also sparked a heated debate about the core definition of passive-aggression. Although many Redditors praised the user for the epic response, of course, there were some who disagreed, citing the “two wrongs won’t make a right” aphorism, while others thoroughly dissected the note for spelling and grammatical errors, reports Mirror Online.

A driver wrote a brilliant response to someone who put a rude note on his windscreen

“As a note-writing enthusiast, I see a few problems here. Firstly, writing rude or condescending notes is just regular aggression, not passive at all. The effect/affect mix-up kind of undermines the i-am-very smart tone you were going for. The misspelling of ‘Tourette’s’ is a little more forgivable, but still a bit sloppy. Because you’re unsure whether you ruined someone’s lawn or blocked in their vehicle, it’s unclear how you plan to deliver the reply. It seems like the word a**hole in the signature doesn’t need quotation marks. All in all I give it a C-. Not the worst note I’ve seen today, but far from the best,” one Redditor said.

“It’s also a touch repetitive and clearly has no point. It doesn’t address whether or not he was right to be called an a**hole. If he were an a**hole, and it seems that he’s not denying it, then he’s not presenting any argument as to why it was wrong for him to have been called an a**hole. All he’s doing is seemingly indirectly acknowledging that he was an a**hole, not apologizing for it, and attempting to be rude to the one person in the neighborhood that did something about it,” another Redditor said.

Despite the critical responses, most readers still insist the driver’s response was brilliant. What do you think about the insulted driver’s response to the windshield note? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Reddit]