T-Mobile Strives To Improve Coverage Among Smaller And Rural Carriers

According to the latest results from wireless testing firm RootMetrics, Verizon is the top wireless service carrier in the U.S., followed closely by AT&T in second place, then T-Mobile and Sprint, which just dropped one position to fall behind T-Mobile in the past month, reported CNET.

Still, it's important to note that T-Mobile only snagged the number three spot because it reported faster customer growth and has maintained a sharp focus on data. In fact, the RootMetrics results show that Sprint's overall call quality is actually better than T-Mobile's in many areas and is virtually equal to the coverage that is provided by AT&T.

"T-Mobile typically performs much better in metro areas than it does at state or national levels, and this was indeed the case in the first half of 2015… Its network upgrades have yet to translate into significant performance gains at state or national levels."
The reality is, while T-Mobile may have devoted considerable resources to improving its network reputation over the last couple of years, the broader coverage it provides in many rural areas is still seriously lacking. To combat this, T-Mobile joined the CCA (Competitive Carriers Association) Data Services Hub in an effort to improve the company's ability to work with smaller and rural carriers, while improving its coverage and overall performance. According to the Aug. 27 press release, the new partnership will allow T-Mobile to join with more than 12 other rural and regional carriers in a "strategic partnership to expand data and voice roaming capabilities across each other's regions."

The CCA's Data Services Hub reportedly provides a technical and business framework for simplifying data connectivity and roaming needs among participating providers, working to expand and improve user access nationwide. In addition, the hub permits T-Mobile to expand its roaming partnerships to include operators that were previously off limits due to incompatible network technologies. The CCA says T-Mobile's involvement also will help expand the networks of smaller carriers and put them in a better position to compete with industry leaders.

"The addition of T-Mobile into our hub will strengthen the coverage offered and help improve consumer access to rural and urban locations alike."
Nationally, T-Mobile ranked third in both data performance and network speed overall, but it ranked dead last in every other major category. The bottom line? The RootMetrics report sums it up nicely.
"If you primarily use your smartphone in a major urban environment, T-Mobile remains a solid choice."
Other areas? Not so much.

[Photo by Sean Gallup / Staff / Getty Images]