Josh Groban Gives His Opinion On How Unexceptional Trump Is Through Song


Josh Groban is a classically-trained broadway singer, and has sold millions of albums all over the United States and regularly sells out arenas on tour. Groban and Jimmy Kimmel have decided to give Donald Trump and Kanye West something in common besides the sizes of their massive egos.

Whether you think the GOP primary race is something to take seriously, or if you think that the current offerings of the republican party are a massive joke, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is making the race a massive spectacle. Time reports that Josh Groban went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and decided to use Trump’s own words to take Trump down a peg by sitting behind a grand piano and not only reading, but singing some of Trumps tweets that have garnered notoriety in the press over the past few years.

Josh Groban even decided to sing a tweet that featured a nickname that Jon Stewart decided to give Trump that reflected his social and foreign policy. To respect Inquisitr standards, that particular tweet will not be posted here. However, the tweet Josh used for his finale is the tweet that Groban and Kimmel likely found the most ridiculous tweet of all.

Jimmy Kimmel has a regular segment on his show where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but when he feels like a rampant egoist needs to be put into their place, he employs the services of Josh Groban to sing out tweets that are generally regarded as particularly ignorant. The last time he used the services of Groban, it was to sing the tweets of rap superstar Kanye West.

In more serious Josh Groban news, according to CBS News, Groban has made a return to his beloved stage, and is singing celebrated hits from Broadway’s storied history. Groban has been performing for most of his life, and was signed to 143 Records at the young age of 17. Josh talked about his experience on CBS This Morning.

“When you’re signed at 16, 17 and you have kind of an image, and I was always a really weird, goofy kid, and then all of the sudden I’m signed and I see myself staring back at me from a billboard in a very super serious manner, ‘OK well I guess I have to be that guy now for a little while.'”

Josh Groban has an album named Stages that was released on April 28 of this year.

[Image by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images]