Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Consumer Report Record Scoring 103 Out Of 100 Points, Forces Rating System Recalibration

The new Tesla Model S P85D has set a new Consumer Reports record scoring 103 out of 100 points. Tesla beat itself for the record as the previous high score was set by the Tesla Model S electric sedan with a score of 99. Consumer Reports notes that the car set a "new benchmark" and that they had to make changes to their scoring system to account for the car's ability.

Slate discusses the amazing feat was accomplished by the all-electric sedan after a test drive and full evaluation by the group. Consumer Reports notes that the car performed so well that the organization actually had to recalibrate the scoring scale in order to drop the Tesla sedan's score from a 103 to a "more reasonable" 100.

"The car set a new benchmark, so we had to make changes to our scoring to account for it."
The Consumerist, a sister publication of Consumer Reports, notes that the Tesla Model S P85D is a force to be reckoned with as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds despite running off of an entirely electric engine. Therefore, the publication noted that the explosive force comes with a roar from the engine which makes it somewhat of an "eerie" experience. In fact, the vehicle has such power that Tesla installed an "insane driving mode" on the vehicle that ignites the explosive start.

Though the vehicle is setting records for performance, driving experience, safety, fuel economy, and reliability, the impressive vehicle will be out of reach for many consumers due to price. The Tesla Model S P85D has a retail base price tag of $104,500. Consumer Reports was quick to point out that though the vehicle achieved a "perfect" score, it isn't a perfect car, noting some complaints over the interior materials used as "not as opulent" as other high-ticket vehicles.

"The Tesla's 100 score doesn't make the P85D a perfect car—even at $127,820. It has imperfections. The interior materials aren't as opulent as other high-ticket automobiles, and its ride is firmer and louder than our base Model S."
Fortunately for those who want the Tesla driving experience without the price tag, the company plans to offer the Tesla Model 3 in 2018 that will be offered at the more reasonable base price of $35,000. The cheaper Tesla model will be a compact sedan that is marketed to the masses with a more attainable price and less opulent offerings.

What do you think about the Tesla Model S P85D? Do you think Tesla is the future of the automobile experience?

[Image Credit: Consumer Reports/ Tesla]