Sarah Palin And Donald Trump Cozy Up In The 2016 Presidential Primaries

What is it about this pair that bring them so close together? In the video, Donald Trump speaks about two issues: the degrading infrastructure of America’s roads and railways and the U.S. border with Mexico, i.e. immigration. Palin describes Trump’s views as “anti status quo” politician “…they need to fire all those ‘politically correct’ police,” referring of course to the slew of gaffes, such as Trump referring to Mexicans as “criminals and rapists” to insulting ex-POW and veteran war hero John McCain, who was captured and held for five years in Vietnam (1968-1973) to saying a journalist is a “bimbo” — a derogatory name for a blond woman of low intelligence.

Palin is part of the so-called “Trumpeters,” as she calls them, and views him as “avant garde.” A connection is shared between these two, but it is difficult to know what this connection is exactly. We do know they are “anti-liberal,” as Palin says Trump was right when he challenged a liberal shouting questions at him at a press conference.

“You schooled that radical activist… I don’t think he’s gonna pull that one again.”

Trump goes on to talk about how he “loves the bible” which is his second and first favorite book. After this statement about the Bible, Palin mentions a “libertarian leaning.” This is where the two, each in their own quirky way, express their views on what libertarian means.

You might be surprised that the left wing media guru himself, Noam Chomsky, agrees with Palin regarding the Obama administration.

“When she was making fun of that whole hopey-changey stuff… she was right!”

Notwithstanding Chomsky’s analysis of this one paradoxical insight into the marketing of the presidency, the cozy up of Palin and Trump is due mainly to a common objective of the far right to unify its misfit image and re-market the identity of classic folk America with old fashioned values which manifest in what Palin’s Tea Party has established mostly as an anti-Obama/anti-socialist movement.

What is clear is that politics in America are, as usual, moving in unpredictable directions. Most of the country still believes in God (some 75 percent), which means there is a vein to tap into in terms of the religious element that might feel let down by the secular presidency of Obama and an overall reduction in believers.

Looked at more closely, however, and it appears that the Libertarian might be the correct reference, at least for Trump, who does not always toe the republican line.

On the other hand, Palin shows quite a different perspective on abortion.

Could it be the abortion issue that initiates a political divorce between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump? Perhaps so as the primary election nears.

[Image courtesy of One America News Network]