Blood Supermoon Will Bring The World To An End In September, Say Biblical Theorists

Mohit Priyadarshi

While the world is getting excited about the arrival of the latest supermoon, some interpreters of the Bible think it is a sign of the world's impending doom.

A supermoon occurs when the moon takes its closest approach to the earth, and generally takes place three to four times in a year. The first supermoon of the year is set to take place tonight, when the distance between the earth and the moon will come down by a considerable 13,000 miles. As a result the moon will be brighter and bigger than usual, likely drawing stargazers from across the world.

Christian ministers John Hagee and Mark Blitz have interpreted that four lunar eclipses in just over a year with six full moons between them are the clearest sign yet that the apocalypse is just around the corner. Citing the Book of Revelations as their original source, the ministers argue that a phenomenon akin to the "blood super moon" has been accurately predicted in the Bible, with the Book of Joel even confirming that the color of the moon will turn to blood before the "great and terrible day of the Lord."

This is not the first time that biblical theorists have warned against an impending apocalypse in the month of September. In June, the internet was rife with rumors of a catastrophic end to humanity when biblical interpreters warned that an asteroid was going to wipe life off the face of the earth. The rumors, though outlandish and apparently bizarre, created such a panic among members of the general church-going public that NASA finally decided to speak up, and issued a statement which said that the rumors were completely false and based on unfounded theories.

But the arriving supermoon has once again given fuel to the unbridled imagination of several biblical theorists, who believe that the blood supermoon will bring strange tidal activity, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes in its wake, becoming the very reason for earth's eventual demise.

It must be noted here that a large part of the scientific community does not even acknowledge the existence of a supermoon, with many astrophysicists pointing out the fact that just because a moon is bigger on a certain day, it does not automatically become a supermoon. Several theorists believe that the supermoon is a fabrication of the online media, which has coined the term in the absence of actual commentary-worthy items.

[Photo by Liam King/Flickr]