Stephanie Taubin: Red Sox Fan Suing Owner John Henry Over Foul Ball Injury

Stephanie Taubin, a Red Sox fan, is suing the professional baseball team’s owner John Henry over an injury she claims she sustained from a foul ball at Fenway Park.

According to a report by Boston Globe‘s Travis Andersen, Taubin was sitting in a section of the stands that had recently been undergoing renovations. Because of the construction, the protective screen that normally blocks any airborne objects was not installed in its usual place. The court documents said that because the screen was gone, Stephanie was “at greater risk of foul balls entering that [section] of Fenway Park.”

Stephanie Taubin’s lawyers filed the suit on Wednesday, August 26 in Suffolk Superior Court. As of Thursday, the dollar amount Taubin is seeking was not clear.

The Red Sox issued a statement on the behalf of John Henry, saying that they are “unaware of the specifics [of the lawsuit] and generally does not comment on pending legal matters. But the safety of Red Sox fans and providing a quality ballpark experience are essential to the Red Sox, and to Mr. Henry, and are goals for which we strive as an organization to deliver.”

The incident Taubin is referring to occurred on June 17, 2014 while she was sitting in a section of the stadium known as the EMC Club. While watching the game, a foul ball struck Stephanie in the face, causing facial fractures and neurological damage, according to the complaint. She is also dealing with “incurred medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished earning capacity.”