Michael Caine Locked In Attic By Film Crew

Actor Michael Caine recently spent an overnight in an attic in an empty New Orleans theater but that decision was not completely voluntary. The legendary actor was shooting scenes for his upcoming heist movie Now You See Me when the 79-year-old decided to retreat into a makeshift dressing room for a nap.

After shooting completed for the day the director called for a wrap but Caine never heard the call because he was sleeping.

Crew members eventually locked Mr. Caine inside his makeshift dressing room and then quickly retreated for the night.

According to the Mirror workers on the set believed Michael Caine had treated into his own trailer and didn’t give his whereabouts a second thought. According to a source close to the movie:

“When Michael eventually woke up, he realized he was locked in,” while they added “His mobile phone was in his trailer and there was no electricity in the attic, meaning he couldn’t see a thing. It was pitch black.”

As you can imagine:

“It’s fair to say Michael wasn’t in the best of moods—although he was grateful to have been found”

Caine was only discovered after a carpenter arrived on the set the next morning and her his cries for help.

It should be noted that nobody on Michael’s team dropped the ball as he did not have a production assistant working by his side during filming.

This was probably not the best way the film crew could have treated their Oscar award winning actor.