‘Girlfriends’ Getaway 2’: TV One Movie Takes Viewers To Puerto Rico With Garcelle Beauvais, Malinda Williams, Terri J. Vaughn, And Essence Atkins Tonight


Girlfriends’ Getaway 2, the long-anticipated sequel to the original Girlfriends Getaway movie, is slated to premiere tonight at 8/7 central on TV One. Girlfriends’ Getaway 2 cast stars Garcelle Beauvais, Malinda Williams, Essence Atkins, Terri J. Vaughn, Stephen Bishop, Khalil Kain, Xiona R. Nieves-Vargas, and Eli Cay. Inquisitr previously reported on two other TV One movies entitled Runaway Island and Will To Love.

In the original Girlfriends’ Getaway 2014 movie, directed by Roger Bobb, we saw friends Vicki, Sophie, Camille, and Lauren heading for an exotic place for some much needed time away. They enjoyed the beautiful island, the music, and the gorgeous men as they celebrated a friend’s birthday. But what started out as an island of fun and mischief for the girls quickly led to trouble as one of them ended up being kidnapped after buying a bag of weed. The comical movie taught lessons in rediscovering what it is to be a better woman and true friend.

As for Girlfriends’ Getaway 2, the four gorgeous gals are bound for Puerto Rico, but this time it’s for Vicki’s wedding. Garrett, the groom, is an eligible young, man, but gets a bit testy when Vicki decides to spend lavishly for her beautiful destination wedding. The girlfriends bring their own issues as they cope with issues dealing with their work and their boyfriends. Meanwhile, Vicki does everything possible to keep herself calm, cool, and collected for her wedding, but her girlfriends and her wacky family just might drive her crazy first.

The character of Sophie struggles with weight issues as she tries to get her pre-baby body back. Terri J. Vaughn, who plays the role of Sophie, had this to say, according to Broadway World.

“Sophie is still learning to trust her instincts when it comes to love, the good and the bad of it. She comes to take responsibility for the choices she makes and to embrace what those choices bring. The beautiful thing about this group of friends is that they all realize they are all works in progress and will probably always be. They learn to be good with that.”

TV One viewers can also expect to hear some spectacular music by the talented Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Demetria McKinney. Listen in to what some are saying on Facebook about Demetria McKinney’s beautiful vocals in #‎TalkingBoutLuv.

“Beautiful song for a good a*s movie.”

“I LOVE this song.”

“Beautiful song, you guys sound great together!!! Lyfe Jennings, it’s great to see you dressed like this, you’re so handsome. Demetria McKinney-You are stunning as usual!”

“I LOVE this song! Now, I have the movie on record for Saturday and the original in record for Sunday! I’ve never seen it!”

The music adds just the right touch to Girlfriends’ Getaway 2. In addition to the music and the entertainment factor, Girlfriends Getaway 2 also shows the dynamic between women and their close friends. One of the major complaints among women is that their girlfriends have a tendency to drop them when they find a man. The movie highlights the need for women to maintain their friendships, despite their marital bliss — because you never know when you might need the girls again. Girlfriends’ Getaway2 is about loving, supporting, trusting, and maintaining your relationship with girlfriends. TV One’s romantic comedy offers up a delightful cast and lots of breathtaking views of Puerto Rico. So call up your girlfriends and pour yourselves a glass of wine as you enjoy tonight’s original movie.

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