Washington Redskins Rumors: Robert Griffin III Could Be Out Until Regular Season With Injury

washington redskins rumors robert griffin iii out weeks injury

The Washington Redskins were hoping that they would get their quarterback to return for this weekend’s preseason game. Now, it is looking more and more like Robert Griffin III won’t play again until the beginning of the NFL regular season as doctors are now saying that he shouldn’t be anywhere near a football field.

That is the tweet posted by RG3 about an hour ago after it was revealed by ESPN that he was not cleared to play in the Redskins’ game against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night. His status for the season opener in two weeks is now in question.

Griffin dealt with concussion-like symptoms during a game against the Detroit Lions on August 20. He still practiced with the Redskins throughout this entire week and independent neurologist Robert N. Kurtzke cleared him to play.

Well, on Friday, the team made an about-face and decided that he would not be playing on Saturday. The Redskins released a statement in which Kurtke gave his thoughts.

“Per discussion with Neuropsychologists and with Anthony Casolaro M.D., we had anticipated yesterday that the patient would be cleared for full participation in gameplay this weekend; however, upon further scrutiny today of the neuropsychology data, I agree with the neuropsychologist that he should be held from gameplay this weekend and be retested in one-two weeks before a firm conclusion to return to gameplay can be made.”

Pro Football Talk reported that the question is now being put in place as to who will start the third preseason game for the Redskins — Colt McCoy or Kirk Cousins. That becomes a lot more important than many originally thought since RG3 may not even be ready by the regular season opener now.

It is expected that Cousins will start on Saturday and could even be the starter for the season opener against the Miami Dolphins if Griffin can’t go. Either way, the Washington Redskins‘ quarterback carousel that has been spinning for the past few years keeps going round.

Even before this concussion, many were looking at this season being pivotal for Robert Griffin III.

For now, it is confirmed that Robert Griffin III won’t be playing for the Washington Redskins on Saturday due to injury. The biggest wonder is just how long he will be out and another is wondering if his career will ever truly be what many thought it would be.

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