Diners Have Differing Opinions On Tiger Woods’ New Restaurant

Tiger Woods has made the leap from golf and the PGA Tour to a fine dining sports bar in Jupiter, Florida, where he lives. He wanted to create a space where he could drop in, have a great meal, and watch whatever sport was on that night, anywhere in the world. Woods Jupiter was years in the making, and had several failed opening dates before the restaurant finally opened this month.

But the question among foodies, after the thrill of dining in Tiger Woods’ restaurant is gone, is, how is the food? Would I eat there if it wasn’t a celebrity restaurant?

According to the Inquisitr, Woods seems to have created a “Miami-style atmosphere in suburban Jupiter.” The restaurant features steak and a variety of fish, as it is located on the water. It also has private booths, again with access to television screens.

Eater.com has reported that Yelp has provided a wealth of information for those considering a trip down to Florida to dine at Woods Jupiter. Food blogger Jose Lambiet was disgusted that Woods did not show up on opening night to meet the public, yet was around the weekend before for a private party with friends.

“He wasn’t there on the first night for the public. Insulting! Especially after Woods appeared at two VIP preview nights last week… So the message is clear: Tiger will hang with VIPs, but don’t expect him to mingle with those who patronize his joint and buy his Nike crap.”

Yelp has provided a variety of reviews that lean towards the positive, but the negative reviews are poignant.

Yelper Mark G. couldn’t stop himself from gushing about the restaurant. He gave it five stars for its “incredible” service and “outstanding” lobster tails.

Yelper Chris M. slammed the restaurant giving it a one star rating. Why? “[The] bartender didn’t even know how to make a martini.” Plus, the atmosphere is “horrible.”

Yelper Foodie Girl P. couldn’t find anything she wasn’t impressed with on the menu. She especially loved the onion rings: They “were sweet, salty and crunchy, definitely calories worth eating.” Five stars.

Golf News Net is reporting that reviewers particularly liked the desserts, and enjoyed the luxurious atmosphere.

“Friendly and efficient service on family and friends night. Dark wood paneled walls and diamond-sized high hats created a sexy vibe for this upscale sports bar. TVs galore and multiple tables with curtains for more private events. Huge wine and scotch selection. Unique art selections pattern throughout. Comfortable temperature and noise level. We just had dessert, which was delicious.”

So it sounds like Woods Jupiter is off to a good start, with just a few hiccups. Considering it hasn’t been opened for a month yet makes it sound like Tiger Woods has a future in the restaurant business.

Would you dine with Tiger Woods at Woods Jupiter?

[Photo courtesy of Kevin Cox]