Facebook User Mocks Virginia Shootings, Changes Profile To Alison Parker: ‘They Needed To Die’

The shootings that happened in Roanoke, Virginia, earlier this week left a nation stunned and shocked. Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot and killed by Vester Lee Flanagan II as they were on-location doing a report. The world has reacted with sadness, grief, and anger, but one user on Facebook has seen her feelings of happiness go viral.

The page Silence is Consent reported on a Facebook user by the name of “Yola Glizzy” of South Carolina who posted an article on the shootings. It wasn’t so much just the fact that she posted the article, but it was the caption she included with it that has made the social media rounds.

“God please forgive me but the joy I feel from this shooting is very fulfilling. They needed to die n I hope it happens again. If u white n we are fb friends unfriend and kill yourself”

A few went back and forth on the Facebook status, but then it was taken to another level. Yola Glizzy soon changed her name on Facebook to “Alison Parker” and also changed her profile picture to one of the slain reporter.

virginia shootings yola glizzy alison parker

It wasn’t long after these changes that the Facebook page was deactivated or deleted as it could not be found as of Friday evening. Still, the screenshots of the profile and posts had already been captured and were making the rounds as anger is beginning to rise from more and more people.

Vester Lee Flanagan, who went by Bryce Williams on air, said that he was “a human power keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM.” As CNN reported, that was sent out before he shot and killed himself while being chased by police.

As the investigation into the shooting continues, police are uncovering a number of strange and intricate details.

Young Cons reported that Flanagan claimed in writings that Alison Parker had said racist things about him over the years. He stated that was the reason he targeted her and went after her while she was on the air.

Flanagan’s writings referenced words that Parker used when interning for WDBJ-TV back in 2012. Assistant news director Greg Baldwin said that the “racist” references were really far-fetched.

“One [of Williams’ complaints] was something about ‘swinging’ by some place; the other was out in the ‘field.’

“That’s how that guy’s mind worked. Just crazy, left-field assumptions like that.”

The investigation into the Roanoke, Virginia, shootings is still ongoing, and it is believed that much more will come out about it. Many are expressing grief and sadness, but there are some, like Facebook user Yola Glizzy, who found joy and pleasure in the murder of two young people.

[Image via WDBJ7 Twitter/Facebook]