Jill Duggar Shares Family Time Video From Central America, Sparks Second Pregnancy Rumors

It has been about three months since Jill Duggar left for the mission field in Central America with husband Derick Dillard and their adorable baby, Israel. The former reality stars have a life there now, even if it is only temporary, and Jill has been keeping fans updated on her family of three. She just sent out a cute Instagram video of her having some fun time with her son.

Jill has Israel on a simple merry-go-round holding him up as they go around. Israel is getting big and will be able to hold on to that before you know it. Mrs. Dillard is looking great as always and looks like she is happy in her role as a new mom.

Some of the comments that some have posted in regard to this video have mentioned that she looks like she may be pregnant again. It does kind of look like she has a small baby bump on her but then again, she did just have a baby four months ago.

The women in this family are certainly prone to having babies one right after the other, so this rumor would certainly not be a far stretch. It may be way too soon for another pregnancy, even for a Duggar, but it is not impossible at all. It could very well be true.

Jill and Derick were back in the States briefly in August for a visit with family and to attend a friend’s wedding. Since they have been back in Central America, brother Josh Duggar got caught in his infidelity lies and his addiction to pornography is no longer a secret, thanks to the recent Ashley Madison hack. It may be a good thing that Jill Duggar is not here in the middle of the family mess that has erupted.

However, she is missing out on special family times such as birthday celebrations and not being able to share in sister Jessa’s first pregnancy in Arkansas. Of course, they do share some face-time thanks to modern technology, as reported by IB Times.

Jill had recently mentioned that she and Derick are both learning to speak Spanish and have been taking classes to learn it. It now looks like Derick has mastered the language as he just sent out his own Instagram message saying, “Got my diploma and movin’ on to the next level!”

The Dillard family is living their lives separate from their families right now, and it sure looks like they are doing well, despite all of the controversy that is surrounding the Duggar clan right now since Josh Duggar confessed his sins and entered into rehab.

Do you think that Jill Duggar could indeed be pregnant already with her second child?

[Photo by Jill Duggar Instagram]