Ariana Grande Gives Performance In Jakarta, Manager Attempts Damage Control

Ariana Grande put on another impressive show, in what the Jakarta Post is calling an “impeccable performance.”

Grande seems to be joining the ranks of Britney, Christina, and Miley as she sheds her little girl appearances and demands the world see her as the woman that she’s become.

Ariana’s performance in Indonesia this past Wednesday was just another stop on her Honeymoon Tour. Previously, Ariana was in Manila where the Inquisitr reports she brought the house down. It’s no surprise that Grande’s show in Jakarta had the same response.

With her recent scandal involving doughnuts, it seems that Ariana and her manager are attempting some damage control. Billboard reports that Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, who is widely known as Justin Beiber’s manager, recently discussed the pop diva on Larry King’s show.

“Ariana is one the nicest people I’ve ever met and really just so charming. The fame came so quickly recently and she wasn’t used to it and she struggled because she doesn’t like all the cameras. She just wants to sing! And she has an incredibly strong Italian family and I think that is her foundation. As long as she sticks by them she’s gonna be fine and that’s what she does. She called me last night homesick saying, ‘I need to see my Nana.'”

It’s admittedly a great scheme, portraying Grande in such an innocent way. People can relate to needing their family close by. With the title Ariana earned earlier this month as the number two spot on the list of America’s most disliked celebrities, it’s definitely a good idea for Grande and her manager to make her as relatable as possible.

Though she may be the second-most disliked celebrity in America, Grande’s fans are devoted to her more than ever. A fan that attended Ariana’s concert on Wednesday told the Jakarta Post that she would never abandon her idol.

“I’ll always stick by her amid so many negative rumors plaguing Ariana.”

Grande returns the enthusiasm to her fans. She tweeted to them after her show.


It’s certainly a good idea for Grande to stay in her fans’ good graces as she seems to attract a great deal of negativity through her diva tendencies. Cosmopolitan timelined Ariana’s progression from child star to outright diva.

Despite the negative feedback Grande has been receiving about her attitude and actions, there’s no denying that the 22-year-old has talent. Those attending Ariana’s concerts on her Honeymoon Tour note that Grande has no need for theatrics or visual spectacles. It’s an impressive feat to be able to put on a dazzling performance without the need for fog machines and pyrotechnics. Ariana’s voice alone makes a good show and after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Ariana Grande will be continuing her Honeymoon Tour back in the States on August 29.

[Photos Courtesy of Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]