WWE News: Huge Backstage Update On Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship Reign

Nikki Bella has always encountered criticism about her wrestling ability, promo skills, and overall acumen for the sports entertainment industry. No matter how hard she may try, the WWE Universe finds things to complain about when the Bella Twins are involved. She’s on the verge of breaking a WWE record, which surely won’t appease hardcore WWE fans.

In less than three weeks, Nikki will break AJ Lee’s record of 296 days with the Divas championship. Frankly, Lee was a better overall performer than Bella and didn’t want to succumb to the Total Divas hype that Bella did. So, when Lee left the company, the WWE decided to pinpoint Nikki Bella as the top WWE female.

Fast-forward 270-plus days, Bella is still the Divas champion. At the same time, the Divas Revolution began, which brought three new competitors to her crown. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks debuted on the WWE main roster. It’s been almost two months since their inception on WWE Raw, and Bella hasn’t had to defend the championship to either of them.

For any WWE fan that isn’t keen on Nikki Bella holding a top spot in the Divas Division, then prepare to get used to it. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Cageside Seats, Bella will be on top of the Divas Division for a long time.

“It does indeed look like she will break AJ Lee’s record for longest Divas title reign and, according to the Observer, ‘internally, she is a lock to remain in a top position for as long as her relationship with Cena is solid.'”

Last week, rumors flew around the WWE Universe about John Cena keeping Nikki Bella’s championship status intact with the help of backstage politics and a conversation with Vince McMahon. Whether that is true or not, being on the same side as Cena is never a bad thing. Rather, it may be helping Bella at this very moment.

If this is true, then it’s evident the Divas Revolution took a major hit. Chris Jericho, WWE legend, chimed in on the NXT women and their revival of women’s wrestling. As far as the overall success on the WWE’s main roster, Jericho has choice words.

“Jericho then comments that one of the worst segments on this week’s Raw was the Miz TV and following match with the various diva fractions on the main roster. Jericho believes that WWE tried to do too much at one time with bringing in so many new faces to the diva’s division. You can’t push 9 people at once, Jericho says. WWE introduced too many people in too short a time frame and put them all together so now it’s just one big wash.”

Jericho has a great point about the WWE women and the Divas Revolution. Pushing nine people at the same time is nearly impossible because the WWE fans need to attach themselves to their favorite character. It’s that sense of oneness that the WWE is so great at contributing. When the women split from each other and do it on their own, then the Divas Revolution will be in full swing.

[Image via tjrwrestling.net]