Lance Armstrong Done Defending Doping Allegations

7 -time (consecutive) Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is sick and tired of defending himself against doping allegations and announced on Tuesday that he would no longer answer questions about his record.

Speaking on Gavin Newsom’s new late night talk show the biking champion says he won’t talk further about allegations after he proved his innocence 500-600 negative doping samples.

According to Lance Armstrong:

“I’m not wasting any more of my time talking about it and you shouldn’t waste your time talking about it. Let’s move on.”

While Lance is no longer competing on the Tour de France he has been making the triathlon circuit.

As far as Lance Armstrong is concerned people have already made up their minds about his track record one way or another and his constant defending is not going to change anyone’s mind.

It should be noted that all of Lance Armstrong’s tests over the period of his career came up negative upon first testing.

In the meantime Lance says he is not worried about authorities attempting to strip him of his seven Tour de France championships.

“I don’t run around bragging, feeling like I have to be a seven-time Tour de France champion,” Armstrong says. “I worked hard for those, I won seven times, and that’s great. But it’s over.”

Next on the docket for Lance Armstrong is an attempt at winning the Iron Man championship.

Do you think any attempt to strip Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France wins years after his last championship would turn fans against him?