‘The Mindy Project’ Spoilers: Guest Star Garret Dillahunt Talks Season 4

Although Fox may have cancelled the series after three seasons, the production for Season 4 of The Mindy Project is currently underway thanks to Hulu. With Mindy Kaling teasing some spoilers on the new season via Twitter, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the upcoming season.

For the opening episode, the series is offering an alternative reality for fans, which will include a number of guest star appearances. In the premiere, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to play Mindy’s new husband, Matt, who is a producer of a reality series.

As far as Danny is concerned, the episode will feature Freida Pinto as a new romantic interest for the character. According to E! Online, Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke, Mark Duplass from Togetherness and Jay Duplass from Transparent will also be making guest appearances in the new episode.

Meanwhile, Garret Dillahunt will also be joining the show as doctor Jody Kimball. With that in mind, Dillahunt recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about his characters appearance on the show.

“He’s a bit racist, a bit sexist, a bit old-fashioned… So we butt heads coming on.”

Dillahunt is know for his role on the hit series Hand of God, which is completely different than his part on the Mindy Project. In regards to playing diverse roles, Dillahunt stated that it is a key part to success as an actor. “I think it’s necessary. It should be a requirement. I thought that’s what we always do. I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity,” he stated.

Dillahunt added that his co-stars on The Mindy Project were “quick witted f-ers,” and “they don’t need my help, but I’m glad they brought me along.”

Although Fox initially cancelled the series after last season, fans can thank Hulu for picking it up and continuing the series on the streaming website.

Mindy has been a beloved member of the Hulu family, so this deal is a natural extension of our relationship,” Craig Erwich, the vice president and head of content for Hulu stated. “With so many of her fans already catching up and tuning in to the series on Hulu, we know her millions of fans will be eager to find out what Mindy has in store for the next chapter.”

The season 4 premiere of The Mindy Project is set to air September 15 on Hulu.

[Image Courtesy: FOX]