‘The Walking Dead’ Package From Woodbury Turns Out To Be Hype About A New Game

For all of you that were wondering just what those strange packages and phone calls from Woodbury were all about, your questions were answered today when Scopely and Skybound Interactive announced the arrival of their new mobile game based on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is based on Robert Kirkman’s comics and not the TV series. Kirkman has said this new game will focus on characters and locations from the comic books. Fortune states the game will put the player “among a group of survivors who discover the town of Woodbury and witness the rise of the Governor before Rick, Michonne, and the rest of the group arrive.” While Walking Dead fans will be able play independently, there is also the option to join with other Walking Dead gamers from across the world.

“This game is all about character building, and community building, and trying to farm resources and being safe and trying to have stability. It’s also a community based game where you’ll be able to play with The Walking Dead fans from around the world.”

Hype for this game started not long ago when Robert Kirkman received a package from Woodbury and tweeted its contents:

Among the items was a phone number to call and that is when the messages started. Fansided did a series of articles on the phone messages, but, basically, they indicated that something would happen on August 27. There was also a website, AreYouPatientZero.com, but this now redirects to the Skybound Walking Dead website. Now that August 27 has arrived, the speculation can cease and the gaming can begin!

The synopsis for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, according to Flickering Myth is as follows.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a mature, intense, story-driven game that emulates the ongoing struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world overrun by vicious Walkers and ruthless fellow survivors. Difficult decisions must be made that determine who lives or dies and how future events unfold in the game’s narrative. Gamers play alongside iconic characters such as Rick, Michonne and the Governor as they navigate the challenges of collecting resources, building and fortifying their compounds, searching for and rescuing fellow survivors, all while managing to fend off the onslaught of the undead.”

You can watch the promo trailer for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival below:

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

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[Image credit: Scopely and Skybound Interactive]