Student, 7, In ICU After Playground Accident: Elementary School Denies Parents Access To Surveillance Video Of Incident

A child is in the ICU after receiving a “traumatic head injury” at an Arkansas elementary school playground. Despite doctors requests to know exactly what happened to the child, the boy’s parents say the Cedarville School District is refusing to release surveillance video of the incident.

KFSM reports that 7-year-old Zach Moore sustained serious head injuries while playing on a playground at the Cedarville Elementary school during a football game. The boy was found unresponsive underneath a metal bench by another parent and was taken to a hospital in Fort Smith. However, due to the extent of the child’s injuries, he was flown to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Now the boy’s parents, Brooke and Josh Moore, want answers.

Doctors say the child was suffering from “multiple skull fractures, brain swelling, and a hole in one of his arteries.” The doctors requested information on exactly what happened to Zach on the playground but the school was unable to provide specific details. Therefore, the concerned parents filed a Freedom of Information request for a copy of the surveillance video from the day of the accident to show doctors exactly what happened to their son. However, the Cedarville School District denied the request noting that they could not release the video since other children were also present in the recording.

“Every single doctor that we have seen so far has asked us what has happened. We cannot tell them with certainty what has happened.”

According to THV11, the Moore family is asking for prayers and answers about what happened to their son that day at the Cedarville Elementary playground. The boy’s family says they aren’t blaming the school for anything as the accident happened while the family was watching a football game on school property. However, they family says they want answers so that their son can receive the best care possible. Without doctors knowing exactly what happened to the child, the Moore family says they can’t provide the best treatments as they don’t really know what happened.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve envisioned different scenarios of what could have happened or what did happen. I just want somebody to tell me that knows exactly what happened, just tell me what happened.”

The Moore family has filed a formal complaint against the school district after their request was denied and are hoping to be able to provide the video to doctors soon for evaluation.

Do you think the school should be required to turn over the video of the accident as it could help doctors with treatment programs?

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Moore Family via THV11]