Wendy Lee Davis: Mom Ducks Jail For Keeping Child In Filth-Filled Drug House After Dogs Attack

Wendy Lee Davis is a 33-year-old mom in Columbia, Alabama, who needs a lesson in housekeeping — and she’s about to get one. What she will not be getting, however, is jail time after she pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a child endangerment charge in connection with an April incident that started with two of Davis’ dogs attacking one of her neighbors.

But it was what police found when they got a warrant to search her home after the dog attack that put the “mom” in jail and led to the charges against her, which included both misdemeanor child endangerment and animal cruelty, also a misdemeanor.

When investigators entered the mobile home on South Washington Street in Columbia on April 1, they found not only the two dogs who attacked the woman’s neighbor, they also found her pre-teen son living in conditions that weren’t even fit for the unfortunate dogs — who were removed from the place and put down — or the litter of seven puppies also in the small home.

Instead, they found a place filled with garbage, like a live-in dumpster, and even dog feces on the floor that was just left there. They also found moldy food that was so rotten it was crawling with maggots, as well as swarms of flies infesting the trailer.

Davis lived in the mobile home with her son, the dogs, and her husband, who is a double amputee, according to reports in the local Dothan Eagle newspaper.

“We found the living conditions of the residence were not suitable for the child and the people of the home,” Columbia top cop Warren Floyd told the paper. “It’s just like a bad episode of Hoarders.”

Except this was not reality TV, it was just reality — a reality that led to the charges against Davis, though she was not charged in connection to the dog attack, even though the victim reportedly needed three days of hospitalization, requiring 30 stitches for 40 bites.

The police who searched the hellish home also found drug paraphernalia left out in the open.

The puppies were removed from the trailer and put in the custody of the local Humane Society. When Davis entered her guilty plea this week, the animal cruelty charges against her were dropped.

Her guilty plea came one day after another Alabama couple, Stephanie and Joseph Spicer, were arrested in a similar case involving an extremely unsanitary trailer, with two pre-teens forced to live in horrifying conditions with small children as well as two teenagers living there.

The mom avoided jail with the plea deal, instead receiving a one-year suspended sentence, plus two years of probation and $250 fine. The Houston County Human Resources Department also required a thorough cleanup of the feces-filled home before Davis would be permitted to move back in — and before she could be reunited with her son.

That cleanup has taken place and Wendy Lee Davis is reportedly back in her home, with her child.

[Image: Houston County Jail]