Naked Man Claiming To Be Jesus Christ Caught On Camera Asking Onlookers If They ‘Deserve To Live’ Before Smashing Windows With Bare Hands

Angelica N. Sumter

A naked man in Long Beach, California, was caught on camera claiming to be Jesus Christ and asking onlookers if they "deserve to live," reported the Mirror. On August 26, California police responded to a call around 3 a.m. about a deranged man -- whose name has not been released -- screaming and breaking windows at the Cedar Towers apartments.

When police arrived at the scene on the 300 block of Cedar Avenue, they could see the shattered glass and the naked man roaming the apartment complex. Police were able to detain the man while waiting on paramedics to transport him to a local hospital.

However, camera footage was recently released showing the naked man claiming to be Jesus Christ and asking onlookers if they "deserved to live" before shattering the glass windows with his bare hands.

He went on to say, "Isn't this the worst you've ever seen it. I'm going to die, you've got to help me live. Who deserves to live, who deserves to live? Do you believe that you deserve to live?"

The man was also heard saying right before the video was cut off that if the onlookers believed they deserved to live, then they would help him survive as he was bleeding to death from shattering the glass windows with his bare hands, according to Standard Digital News.

A resident in the area, Gabriela Di Sarli, stated that she could hear the man, who claimed to read minds, yelling from her apartment. Sarli was fearful of what the naked man would do next as the incident comes a year after 24-year-old Juan Ramirez of Roswell, Gerogia, also claimed to be Jesus Christ and set a church on fire.

According to CBS 46, Ramirez - who was also naked - said he had to burn the church down in order to get in touch with the Indian Gods and went on to say that he was Jesus Christ, but Father Phillip Scott said he was "far from it."

"It was 36 degrees by the thermometer on my car and he was arrested totally nude... I don't know about it being crazy. Let's just put it this way, there's something wrong," Scott said. "He probably has some very serious problems of which we did not detect."

California police have not made any arrests after reports were made about the man claiming to be Jesus Christ was breaking glass and disturbing the peace at an apartment complex; however, the investigation is ongoing.

[Image courtesy of Sean Gallup / Getty Images]