David Duke: Former KKK Leader Expresses Support For Donald Trump

In a recent interview, David Duke expressed admiration and support for Donald Trump. The former grand wizard of the KKK denied reports that he “informally or formally” endorsed the presidential hopeful. However, he admits Trump is currently “the best of the lot.”

Donald Trump’s presidential bid was initially met with skepticism. Although he is well-known as a shrewd and successful businessman, the real estate tycoon has limited experience as a politician.

Despite his lack of political experience, Trump remains the front-running Republican candidate. As reported by Yahoo News, the billionaire currently “leads the 16 other Republican candidates with 28 percent support among registered voters nationwide.”

During an interview with the Daily Beast, former KKK leader David Duke said Donald Trump’s supporters appreciate his stance against illegal immigration.

“The American people want control over our borders. They also know that immigration is a fundamental threat to the traditional values of the United States of America and the economic interests of the American people.”

Although Duke praised Trump’s dedication to “America and the traditions of America and the heritage of America,” he hesitated to give the GOP candidate his full endorsement.

As discussed during the interview, Duke is specifically concerned about Trump’s support of Israel.

“Trump has made it very clear that he’s 1,000 percent dedicated to Israel, so how much is left over for America? This is the reason why I have not endorsed Donald Trump, because I really have to evaluate these things…”

Despite his misgivings, David Duke said Donald Trump is “certainly somebody that we should get behind in terms, you know, raising the image of this [country].”

As reported by the Independent, the former KKK leader stopped short of giving Donald Trump a formal endorsement. However, the GOP candidate said he simply does not care.

CBS News reports the GOP candidate is confident in his position, with or without David Duke’s endorsement.

“I don’t need his endorsement,,, I don’t need anyone’s endorsement… A lot of people like me, Republicans like me, liberals like me. Everybody likes me.”

It is unclear whether David Duke will eventually endorse Donald Trump, or anyone else, for the 2016 presidential election. However, at this time, Trump is the only candidate he has mentioned in a positive light.

[Image via Scott Olson/Getty Images]