‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers: Casey In Trouble, Plus The New Candidate’s Arrival

With one of their own in trouble, it’s going to be tense times ahead for Firehouse 51 when Chicago Fire Season 4 premieres. Casey’s missing, and even when that is resolved, there’s still a lot else going on with these characters. There’s the tension in the firehouse following the divide between squad and truck at the end of last season. There’s a new candidate joining the firehouse. There’s that pregnancy test Dawson took.

As last season of Chicago Fire ended, Casey ended up working with Chicago P.D.’s Voight on a case – and it ended with Dawson finding his apartment trashed, one of the girls from the strip club being investigated dead on the ground, and Casey MIA. Though P.D. is premiering a couple of weeks earlier, it will not offer any clues as to what happened to the firefighter. Instead, that will be addressed in the October 13 premiere, as previously mentioned by the Inquisitr.

Entertainment Weekly has posted a sneak peek from the new season, a behind-the-scenes featurette that offers teasers about a few things coming up for the firehouse after showing a quick recap of the end of the finale. At the beginning of Season 4, they’re going to go back in time to show how things got to that point as they delve into what happened to Casey.

“There’s Bulgarians. There’s guns,” Spencer teases. “Casey fighting for his life.”

Furthermore, the promo that NBC tweeted out with the promise of “an explosive can’t-miss episode” revealing Casey’s fate is all about what’s going on with the missing firefighter and teases Chicago P.D.’s involvement in finding him.

Also coming up in the new season is a new candidate on Chicago Fire, Jimmy Borrelli, played by Steven R. McQueen (The Vampire Diaries). You can get a look at him and how he’s left at the firehouse (which likely won’t be winning him any points with the chief) in the sneak peek video above, plus in a photo posted by TV Insider of Jimmy with Eamonn Walker’s Chief Boden. The person behind his state when he’s left at work on his first day is his brother, Danny, and according to executive producer Matt Olmstead, this character is offering them a chance for something a bit different.

“We wanted a very different take on a candidate. Across the board [during casting], everyone said about McQueen, ‘That’s the guy!'”

Chicago Fire Season 4 premieres Tuesday, October 13 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

[Image via NBC]