‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers: Casey’s Disappearance And Severide ‘Back To Fling Mode’

Considering how often and organically Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. characters cross over to the other show – and with Chicago Med joining the primetime schedule this fall — it means there are chances for even more crossovers. Last season’s storyline involving Casey and the premiere dates for these shows has meant that P.D. is kicking off its new season first, but it will not be where the firefighter’s disappearance will be resolved.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, with the addition of Med to the franchise, there are more crossovers coming, including a four-show event for Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Law & Order: SVU next season, slated for February, 2016. But don’t expect to see one of those crossovers kick off in the P.D. premiere, even with the big cliffhanger involving Casey in the Season 3 finale, with Dawson finding signs a struggle in his home but him nowhere to be found.

Though Chicago P.D. is slated to premiere September 30 and the Fire premiere is not until October 13, that does not mean that the police will be looking into what happened to Casey – because, according to TVLine, executive producer Matt Olmstead has called where P.D. picks up “a separate universe” and a “detached timeline,” which means that Casey being MIA isn’t even going to be mentioned.

“We were mindful to not have too many of the characters from Fire on P.D. because that’s a little weird if they’re at Molly’s having drinks. Then why aren’t you talking about where Casey is?”

As for Dawson’s pregnancy – the reason why she was even at Casey’s apartment in the Season 3 finale – Entertainment Weekly has reported that she’s going to be part of the arson squad by the second episode of Season 4.

In other Chicago Fire news, TVGuide.com spike to Olmstead about Severide’s love life, given that April is staying in Chicago. However, it doesn’t sound like fans can expect to see those two together.

“That was a culmination of a longtime friendship. They just wanted to know what it was like.”

The EP did tease that Severide will be “back to fling mode” in Season 4, and of course, his new romance is going to lead to “a complication.”

“Part of the ramifications of getting demoted is that he has to go this manager trainee course that is obligatory. Sure enough, he meets someone, played by Rachel Nichols, who’s sent there because she’s a problem employee at the law firm she works at. So, there’s a little romance that happens there that turns into a complication down the road.”

TVGuide.com had previously reported that Severide’s “management skills are called into question over the high turnover rate on the squad,” so it does not sound like things are going to be easy for him in Season 3, but when are they ever for any of these characters?

Chicago Fire Season 4 premieres Tuesday, October 13, at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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