‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Is Left Stunned, Nathan And Dante Close In On Silas’ Killer

'General Hospital' star Hayley Erin

Thursday and Friday’s shows are shaping up to be big episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that there is a big break in the case regarding Silas Clay’s murder. In addition, there are some big revelations being addressed throughout Port Charles. What can fans expect as the week continues?

She Knows Soaps details that Kiki will be hearing something big from Franco. General Hospital spoilers tease that she’ll visit him in jail, and she indicates that she’s sure that he isn’t the one who really killed Silas. As Celeb Dirty Laundry teases, it seems that Kiki will be sure that Franco is covering for Nina.

As the discussion continues, Kiki will have some intense words for Franco regarding the fact that he knew her mother was still alive. Apparently, as the two talk, Franco will fill her in on a lot of the specifics she’s been missing until now, including the news of Morgan and Ava’s affair. Naturally, this will leave Kiki very shaken.

Morgan will head to the station to visit Ava, as he wants to hear more from her about her fake identity as Denise. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll continue to try to control Morgan, and given his shaky mental state these days, it may not be a difficult thing to accomplish.

Also ahead on this week, there will be a big confrontation between Ric and Julian over Sonny. Julian is also angling to find a way to help Ava as he butts heads with Ric, but he may have some trouble accomplishing his goals on that front. Alexis will visit Nina and encourage her to focus on herself, and viewers are seeing that she’s becoming more aware of how toxic Ric and Madeline are to her. In addition, Sonny and Carly talk about the Morgan and Ava situation.

The big news coming out of these next couple of episodes is that Nathan and Dante are said to make a big step forward in the murder investigation. An arrest is on the way, and many suspect that Madeline is about to head to lock-up.

Is Madeline really responsible for Silas’ death? How will Kiki react to all she’s learned about her mother and boyfriend? Just how far will Morgan sink as he struggles with his mental health and all of the chaos around him? Fans are anxious to see what lies ahead on General Hospital.

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