Glowing UFO Lights Up International Space Station [Video]

An online UFOlogist reports sighting two UFOs near the International Space Station. The first UFO — a “grey metallic” object — approaches the ISS very closely while the second, a large glowing object, hovers above the ISS bathing it in blue/purple light.

According to Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, the 19-minute YouTube video (see below), uploaded on August 26, 2015, is an excerpt from NASA’s Live ISS Stream. It shows the first UFO flying alongside the ISS, matching speed with the space station.

The UFO flies ahead of the International Space Station, and then slows down, allowing the Space Station to catch up and pass it before increasing speed and catching up again.

Later in the night, according to Waring, a bigger UFO appears. The UFO is bigger than the first and glows brightly with a bluish light. The lights from the UFO shine down on the ISS and the first UFO, according to Waring.

Waring remarks on the size of the UFO, saying, “It was a very large UFO above causing the space station to light up.”

Part of the alleged glowing UFO can be seen in the upper section of the video frame, with lights shining down on the International Space Station.

‘Grey Metallic’ UFO Spotted Near ISS

A blogger enthuses about the alleged UFO sighting, “Freaking fantastic sighting! Scott, my man you have really, really caught the best one! This is just incredible! Do you have any idea of the number of crew aboard ISS right now? You know they have got to be freaking out right now.”

However, YouTube user, EastTexasUFOs, notes the odd fact that the ISS crew members appeared rather calm despite what appeared a huge glowing UFO hovering close to the station. He argues that this could mean that such appearances are common and that the ISS astronauts have become used to seeing UFOs approach the ISS.

“This is a common occurrence, allowing for plenty of familiarization with this situation (they see close up UFOs all the time).”

Two UFOs Spotted Near ISS

Indeed, UFO and alien conspiracy theorists claim that NASA and its partners in the ISS project use the space station as a place to rendezvous with alien astronauts.

Recently, NASA whistleblower Clark McClelland repeated an allegation first made in 2008 that while monitoring a space shuttle mission as a NASA employee, he once observed on a video monitor at the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Control Center, a 9-foot extraterrestrial interacting with two tethered U.S. astronauts in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay. He claimed he also observed an alien UFO near the Space Shuttle’s main engine pods.

[Image: YouTube/Waring]

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