Taylor Swift And ‘Friend’ Lisa Kudrow Singing ‘Smelly Cat’ Has Us Feeling Nostalgic [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift was joined onstage by Friends alumni Lisa Kudrow for a special rendition of the ever famous and often performed Friends ballad “Smelly Cat.”

Swift has been surprising audiences throughout her tour with special guests, but it seems the multiple shows in Los Angeles are reaping the rewards of being centrally located to the stars. Kudrow’s Friends character Phoebe wrote the musical tale of woe about a smelly cat that she felt sorry for. “Smelly Cat” was a favorite tune performed at the Friends‘ coffee house.

Friends saw the evolution of “Smelly Cat” with Kudrow getting to perform duets with the Pretenders Chrissie Hynde and Phoebe’s ex-singing partner Leslie, portrayed by actress/musician Elizabeth Daily. For a song like “Smelly Cat” to be so relevant twenty years after it was introduced on Friends that Taylor Swift would add it to her set list speaks volumes about Kudrow’s place in pop culture history.

Lisa Kudrow is not necessarily known for her musical prowess and while the performance with Swift may not have been Grammy worthy, it was certainly fun for the audience as evidenced by the buzz on Twitter.

Swift has been joined by some amazing performers this past week in Los Angeles at the Staples Center besides Kudrow. According to The Los Angeles Times, singers John Legend, Beck, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Maines, and Mary J. Blige have all made appearances in the past week with Taylor as she finishes up her 1989 Tour.

Swift’s final performance in L.A., however, may have been the one to leave most people wishing they had snagged a ticket to the sold out performance. Besides the Kudrow “Smelly Cat” duet, Taylor was also joined by superstar Justin Timberlake and actress/singer Selena Gomez. It might not have felt like 1989, but with Timberlake, Gomez, and Kudrow, Taylor Swift’s final Staples performance was sure to have brought back some of the audience’s favorite mid-1990s to mid-2000s nostalgia.

Watch Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow perform “Smelly Cat” here:

[Image courtesy of MTV Pop Official Twitter.]

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