Hugh Jackman And Jim Carrey Impersonate Each Other On Social Media [Watch]

Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey are known to be two actors with an awesome sense of humor, and in a recent Twitter exchange, the two friends impersonated each other’s roles with such accuracy and wit that the videos and photos quickly went viral.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it was Hugh Jackman first who tweeted out a video impersonating Carrey’s iconic role in The Mask, using the hugely popular Dubsmash app, which allows people to imitate famous lines of dialogue by taking a selfie video clip. The Wolverine actor added a caption with the video, modestly accepting that he is simply trying to get into Carrey’s shoes.

Jim Carrey is obviously one of those actors who enjoys a friendly jibe, but as you’d expect, he replied to Hugh Jackman’s impersonation attempt with his own in-house imitation of Jackman’s Wolverine, complete with utensils as claws and disheveled hair. His caption read as follows.

We are pretty sure you enjoyed that, as did Hugh Jackman himself. The Australian actor tweeted out his appreciation of Jim Carrey’s response.

This isn’t the only impersonation video made by Hugh Jackman in recent times. The actor definitely enjoys using Dubsmash, and had earlier tweeted out a video of him singing Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Watch the hilarious ten-second video here.

Meanwhile, according to the Guardian, Hugh Jackman is set to tour Australia in a new arena spectacular called Broadway to Oz.

Making the announcement on Monday, the actor-singer confirmed that he will be performing in five Australian cities later this year.

Broadway to Oz will be modeled on Hugh Jackman’s 2011 Broadway hit, Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway, in which the actor delved deeply into his Australian identity. Describing the moment of announcement as a truly “watershed” moment, Jackman went on to speak about how deeply personal the tour will be for him.

“It’s pretty much all about me, it’s everything I love. You’re going to get to know the real me in that show.”

The tour will mark Hugh Jackman’s return to the Australian stage after ten years. Tickets for the show go on sale from August 31.

Watch the clip of an earlier stage performance by Hugh Jackman below.

[Photo: Hugh Jackman / Twitter, Jim Carrey / Twitter]