Did Apple Book A Center For Their iPhone 6s Announcement?

Expect some news regarding the next iPhone very soon. September 9 is when that major announcement will take place. According to Forbes, Apple is planning to launch the next iPhone that day. The introduction of the next iPhone is huge news for the technology community. Now where will the major announcement take place?

Did Apple book space at a conference center in San Francisco?

According to the Telegraph, the Bill Graham Civic Center, a venue that seats 7,000 people, has been secured by an unnamed company for the week of September 7. Now the rumor mill is buzzing because Apple just so happens to be announcing the technology giant’s latest iPhone.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but wouldn’t it be odd for another company to book space at the Bill Graham Civic Center during the same timeframe that the next iPhone will be revealed?

In the past Apple has booked the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Also based in San Francisco, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts seats a total of 755 guests. Its intimate setting allows Apple executives to mingle with insiders, press, and other attendees. Apple hosting launch gatherings at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has become a tradition. Analysts and the press gather around for the latest news that Apple has to offer. The center is also the site where generations of the iPhone have been introduced to the world.

Is it said that a “trade show” is going to be held at the Bill Graham Civic Center from September 4-13. That “trade show” could very well be where Apple launches the next iPhone, along with revelations of other devices.

One of those devices could be the iPad Mini 4.

There has not been any noise centering on the iPad Mini 4’s release date, aside from discussions about its possible specifications and size (courtesy of Yahoo). Upon its launch, the iPad Mini 4 will be one of the thinnest tablets on the markets.

There could also be announcement regarding the iPad Air 3.

Apple has a lot of business to take care of, just from the speculation that keeps swirling. We are two weeks away from their launch of the next iPhone. We are just finding out that the iPhone will be an updated version of the iPhone 6. The next device will be the iPhone 6s, not the previously rumored iPhone 7.

We know the date of the launch — is the Bill Graham Civic Center the new site where the next iPhone will be revealed?

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images News)