WWE Rumors: Superstar Changes Twitter Handle To His Real Name – Is He Leaving WWE?

Wrestling fans are extremely observant and oftentimes want to know every single thing that is going on. That is why there are rumors flying all over the place since King Barrett (aka bad News Barrett aka Wade Barrett) changed his Twitter handle to his real name and kind of wished the fans goodbye. Is he leaving WWE?

King Barrett has changed his Twitter name to “Stu Bennett” which is his real name. It used to read “Wade Barrett” and his actual handle still reads @WadeBarrett. Oddly enough, the description on his Twitter now also reads “Perform (sic) in WWE as wrestler Wade Barrett.”

Making things a bit weirder in this whole situation is the tweet he put out on Tuesday afternoon.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, King Barrett entered the ring and was soon joined by Stardust, his tag team partner. Stardust immediately attacked Barrett and took him out before the match even got underway.

At SummerSlam, Barrett and Stardust lost to the team of Neville and Stephen Amell of Arrow. There was really no reason given for Stardust’s actions as of yet, and the announcers really didn’t say a whole lot about Barrett after he was attacked.

Needless to say, fans have started freaking out on Twitter and asking Barrett what this means for his career with WWE.

As WrestleZone reported, Barrett is currently scheduled to film a movie for WWE Studios in September, and this could be the reason he was written off of TV. Mind you, he was written off in a rather weak way, but it was done.

The movie is an action-thriller called Eliminators, and it’s possible that he could simply be going home for a short while before starting the shoot. The film also stars Scott Adkins, who has been in numerous action flicks such as The Expendables 2, Zero Dark Thirty, and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.

Ever since Wade Barrett won the King of the Ring tournament, he’s kind of been in limbo. He was involved in a nothing feud with R-Truth and then thrown into the SummerSlam match at the last minute.

As for the name change on Twitter? It may just be a personal choice for Barrett, but there is no indication that he’s done wrestling or with WWE.

King Barrett may have changed his Twitter handle, but he’s likely just taking time off of WWE television to go film the movie. Chances are he’ll be back in a couple of months, and hopefully there will be a better program for him to be in upon his return.

[Image via WWE]