'Warp Speed' UFO Flies Past International Space Station on NASA Video Feed, UFO Research Group Finds

Jonathan Vankin

The International Space Station has proven a hub for UFO sightings, thanks to the NASA live video feed broadcast continuously from the ISS back to the space agency's website, where anyone can access the view from 249 miles above Earth's surface — the altitude at which the space station orbits the Earth.

UFO researchers have taken full advantage of the NASA feed, spending hours, it seems, gazing at the footage in search of anomalies. And they find them — frequently.

The online UFO research group known as Secure Team 10 posted what they say is an amazing find last week — a rocket-shaped UFO that appears to be zooming past the space station at incredible "warp" speed.

"This craft is moving so fast it only appears in one single, solitary frame," said a Secure Team 10 member, narrating the video in which the "team" reveals its analysis of the strange anomaly.

The video is viewable on this page, above. Strangely, the NASA feed cuts out and switches to a gray screen as soon as the anomaly appears.

In previous videos of UFOs appearing at the space station, skeptics have explained the anomalies as imperfections in the NASA video feed.

"NASA's camera equipment is notoriously glitchy," The Washington Post wrote of an earlier such video.

"NASA has also admitted that its video setup is far from perfect. In fact, the HDEV experiment was started in an effort to find and develop better camera equipment for future missions," the rumor-debunking site Snopes wrote, commenting on the ongoing phenomenon of UFO sightings on the feed.

But the Secure Team 10 members say they considered the possibility that the super-fast anomaly in the above space station video — shot on June 8 of last year — was simply a bad pixel in the video, or dust on the lens. But when they zoomed in, those suspicions were dismissed. Instead, they say, they saw this UFO which appears to be a rocket of some kind, hurtling through space.

UFO NASA Space Station warp speed

Using further video enhancement, the research group say it was able to identify some actual features of the object.

UFO Space Station Zoom

"What appeared to be a possible dust particle or meteor reveals itself to be a massive, cylinder-shaped craft," the narrator says.

Earlier this year, another UFO hunter keeping a sharp eye on the NASA video feed spotted a strange "flash" near the space station — a dot of light that appears then suddenly blinks out.

UFO hunters can access the NASA Space Station video feed for themselves at this link.

[Image: NASA]