Pittsburgh Steelers Rumors: Michael Vick The Answer At Quarterback?

Pittsburgh Steelers rumors have quarterback Michael Vick in town to meet with the team. The Steelers need a new quarterback after Bruce Gradkowski dislocated a finger on his left hand at practice. A report from ESPN indicated that Vick was being invited to Pittsburgh to discuss contract options. It was also reported that the team had an interest in signing him before the injury to Gradkowski took place.

The Steelers signing Vick might not amount to much in regard to the 2015 NFL season, as the plan is still to have Ben Roethlisberger as the full-time starting QB. The front office and coaching staff just wants to have a reliable backup ready to go in case of any substantial injuries to Roethlisberger. Basically, Vick would be an insurance policy.

During the 2014 NFL season, Vick played for the New York Jets, starting three games and posting a 1-2 record. He completed 52.9 percent of his passes for 604 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. Vick also had 26 carries for 153 yards on the ground (a 5.9 yards per carry average).

These Pittsburgh Steelers rumors might be pretty interesting to fans, especially since he is a former MVP in the league. The big personality of Vick also comes with some baggage attached to the dogfighting scandal he was involved in. When it comes to quarterbacks who have been on the front page, though, Steelers fans are familiar with it after the troubles that Roethlisberger has had.

On the surface, it might seem like a smart move for the Steelers to sign Vick, even though he has a different style of play than Roethlisberger. He could help the team prepare for other mobile quarterbacks who the defense has to go against in the 2015 NFL season, plus he provides some veteran experience should anything happen to Roethlisberger. The team doesn’t need Vick to be a star, but rather a capable backup with the ability to make plays should the worst happen.

It doesn’t seem like many other teams are interested in the services of Michael Vick this offseason, meaning he might also come at a very reasonable rate. Getting a quarterback who is capable of being a starter as the backup would turn these Pittsburgh Steelers rumors into great news for fans and players on the roster. The player who doesn’t want to see this happen is Bruce Gradkowski, who might be out of a job if Vick looks good.

[Image Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]