‘Destiny’ Teaser Reveals ‘Taken King’ Map, Super Mario Cabal Strike

Destiny players looking forward to new Strikes with The Taken King received a sneak peek on Tuesday. Bungie released a teaser trailer for a planned Twitch reveal stream that gives us our first look at the Dreadnaught map and Nolan North’s Ghost voice, along with a curiously Super Mario-themed pair of Cabal bosses.

The “Strike the Dreadnaught” teaser trailer sets up a Twitch livestream planned for Wednesday, August 26, with Community Manager David “Deej” Dague, James Tsai, and community guest Mr. Fruit. The plans for the livestream is to introduce players to The Taken King’s flagship and debut the all new “Shield Brothers” Strike that is set on the massive tomb-like ship.

Destiny: The Taken King - Dreadnaught Map (PlayStation, Xbox)

Jumping to 26 seconds into the Destiny reveal trailer allows us to see the Dreadnaught map for The Taken King, which is also posted above. You can see where players start in the “Hull Breach” area of the ship, along with five Story Missions and two Strikes set in different parts. Interestingly, the start of the Raid is centrally located in the “Court of Oryx,” suggesting it will start off in a public area, similar to the Vault of Glass.

If true, that’s actually good news for Destiny players as part of the fun of Vault of Glass when it first went live was stumbling on to a raid group, attempting to get in and help them out. This helps continue that tradition, and it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since Game Director Luke Smith was behind both the first Destiny raid and this newest entry.

Destiny: The Taken King - Dreadnaught Map (PlayStation, Xbox)

You can see the location of the “Shield Brothers” Strike at the very top of the Dreadnaught map. Its description reads as follows.

“Travel deep into the hearth of the Dreadnaught in pursuit of a Cabal assault team. Stop it from detonating the Hive ship’s core.”

The Strike starts at Level 36, which suggests the Nightfall version will likely be 39. This new Strike demonstrates how Bungie is mixing things up a little with the Year Two Strikes versus the Year One versions. Players complained that the bosses were too straight-forward and were basically bullet-sponges that encouraged taking shortcuts with powerful weapons like Gjallarhorn, Icebreaker, and Black Hammer. Now, players are taking on two bosses at once, but we’ll have to wait and see how the promised raid-light mechanics work out.

You can’t help but think the “Shield Brothers” Strike is a nod to Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise. Aside from the allusion in the name, one is red, and the other is green, à la Mario and Luigi.

Destiny: The Taken King (PlayStation, Xbox)

Also of note is that we finally hear the Nolan North-voiced Ghost in this trailer. The veteran voice actor replaced Peter Dinklage, reportedly due to availability issues with the Game of Thrones star. Gamers are already familiar with North’s work as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, and even as the unhinged titular star of Deadpool. This is something quite unexpected, though, and is somewhat reminiscent of Halo‘s 343 Guilty Spark.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15 for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

[Images via Bungie]