WWE Rumors: John Cena Forced A Huge Angle To Stop Before It Ever Even Happened

John Cena has done just about anything and everything that a wrestler could want to do in the world of WWE. He's held just about every title and he's dominated the scene for a really long time. It's unnecessary to say that he's got a bit of pull in WWE, but an interesting rumor floating around is that he used that pull to squash a huge angle before it ever even got the chance to start.

Over a month ago, the Divas Revolution began on Monday Night Raw, and it changed the way the women's division has looked in a huge way. It is getting much more attention now and has really looked the best it has looked in years.

According to WrestleZone, a number of sources in WWE said that the original plans for the Divas Revolution and the arrival of the NXT ladies was going to be much different.

Apparently, the original plan was for Charlotte to appear on the scene and up on the main roster and immediately win the Divas Championship from Nikki Bella. This was going to happen much in the same way that Paige debuted and took the title from AJ Lee. It may not have happened as quickly, but it would be soon after Charlotte's debut.

Well, John Cena wasn't having any of that.

For those not aware, John Cena and Nikki Bella are dating in real life. He's even appeared on the Total Divas reality show a couple of times as well.

john cena nikki bella

Apparently, once word of this big-time angle for the Divas got passed around, Cena wasn't going to let it happen. He reportedly went straight to Vince McMahon and in defense of Nikki Bella, had the angle totally squashed and put out of the heads of everyone.

Fansided had a point in saying that if this is indeed true, then it is"just a downright disgrace."

Now, this wouldn't be the first time that John Cena has supposedly using his star-power and influence to put an end to major angle. Back in 2013, Edge and Chris Jericho talked about how Cena was the reason that the Nexus ended up fading into obscurity.

The Divas Revolution is going strong and it is really doing a lot to bring up a division that had been stale for quite some time. Maybe things could have been even bigger, but if the rumors are true, the original plans weren't something that John Cena wanted to have happen.

[Images via WWE/Food World News]