November 5, 2016
Another 'Spider-Man' Character Rumored To Appear In 'Captain America: Civil War'

Captain America: Civil War may be nearly a year away from hitting theaters, but rumors are already spreading that the film may feature an unexpected cameo by an actress new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Civil War is already set to be a pivotal film in Marvel's canon, kicking off the third phase of the Cinematic Universe and featuring a host of previously introduced heroes, while others (like Black Panther) will be making their first appearances. Most notably, Tom Holland will debut as Spider Man, before tackling his own eponymous film in 2017, as Screenrant notes.

While Holland's involvement in the next Captain America film has been common knowledge for some time, recent reports suggest that another character from the upcoming Spider-Man reboot could also be making her debut in Civil War. According to Heroic Hollywood, their source has revealed that Marisa Tomei, who was recently cast as Peter Parker's Aunt May in the upcoming reboot, was on hand to film scenes for possible inclusion in the movie.Last week, an Atlanta area TV station revealed furniture props that were purportedly used in Peter Parker's bedroom, hinting at one of the scenes filmed for Civil War. Heroic Hollywood asserts that Tomei's Aunt May could be featured in these scenes, along with Holland's Peter Parker. While Tomei reportedly filmed her part in secret, the recent rumors aren't the first time that it has been suggested that she could appear in Civil War.In July, the Hollywood Reporter detailed that Tomei could possibly be making her first appearance as Aunt May in Civil War, noting that Holland had already been confirmed for the film. Then, Holland stoked fan speculation earlier this month when he appeared on the German set of Civil War. It had previously been believed that the actor filmed all of his scenes on the movie's Georgia set, and his appearance in Europe suggested to some observers that Holland's Spider-Man may play a larger role in the third Captain America film than was commonly assumed.

Only time will tell if Marisa Tomei will, indeed, make her debut as Aunt May in Captain America: Civil War, but fans will no doubt continue to look forward to the recently-wrapped film with ever-heightening anticipation.

[Photo by Mike Pont / Getty Images]