Kailyn Lowry Criticized For Her Outfit At ‘Teen Mom’ Wedding

Kailyn Lowry has been criticized for many things this year, including acting out on Teen Mom, not dealing with her husband’s insecurities properly, not supporting Jo Rivera’s move to be closer to her son, and for not cutting her second son’s hair. And while Lowry can handle many criticisms and judgments, it seems like people are just being mean for the sake of being mean.

These days, Kailyn Lowry is focused on her family, her education, and growing her various business ventures. Kailyn has been working on her first children’s book. It sounds like this mother isn’t taking things to heart so much. And this weekend, she traveled to celebrate her fellow Teen Mom stars who were tying the knot. Sadly, Lowry couldn’t even go to a wedding without being criticized.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she was actually at Tyler and Catelynn’s wedding this weekend. And while she was happy to celebrate her co-stars’ wedding, she was slammed by her followers for not dressing appropriately.

“These girls! Finally together to celebrate some awesome people on their wedding night,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with Amber and Maci from the original Teen Mom show.

“Very casual for a wedding,” one follower wrote on the picture, while another added, “Sorry i love u girls but y’all have the worst fashion sense… Its a freaking wedding! Yall looking casual AF. Yall could have done better.. Amber u almost nail,” and a third chiming in, “They so simple when I am invited to wed sign we have to wear formal gown.”

Even though Lowry wrote a cute jumper, many people felt that it was not appropriate attire for the wedding. While it seemed like a very casual decision, many followers thought that the wedding was indeed formal, with bowties on the men and the venue being a castle.

“I cannot believe people. No matter what they wore someone would pick something to nag about. Must a be a boring Saturday night for some folks,” one person wrote in defense of Kailyn, while another pointed to the formal feel of the wedding, adding, “Look up their hashtag #BaltierraWedding – looks like a very formal and expensive wedding to me. Venue is a castle, and looks breathtaking. And all these girls husbands are dressed its suits with tie/bowtie. Screams formal to me.”

Hopefully, Catelynn isn’t too bothered that her co-stars decided to go casual in their clothing. According to the Inquisitr, Kailyn Lowry knows that the wedding is very important. She is currently reusing some of her items from her wedding to bring the romance back into her marriage.

What did you think of Kailyn Lowry’s choice of attire for the wedding?

[Image via Instagram]