Black Lives Matter Should Protest Against Joblessness, Failing Schools, Not Police, Says Sheriff David Clarke [Video]

The Black Lives Matter movement has misplaced priorities, according to one of the group’s most vocal critics, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke has found himself in the national spotlight with regular appearances on the Fox News Channel, CNN, and other news outlets ever since telling his Wisconsin constituents two years ago in a series of ads to arm themselves against intruders rather than hiding under the bed and waiting for overworked, undermanned cops to arrive.

A former city of Milwaukee police commander, Clarke, a Democrat, has been county sheriff since 2002 and was reelected to his fourth term in that job in 2014. He is an outspoken supporter of Second Amendment rights and firearms training.

Last week, in discussing Hillary Clinton’s newly revealed and contentious private meeting with several Black Lives Matter activists, the no-nonsense lawman claimed on Sean Hannity’s show that, among other things, the group is “a conglomeration of misfits.”

In an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro on her FNC program last night, Clarke declared the Black Lives Matter movement, which he insisted is primarily political in nature, focuses on the wrong issues.

With that in mind, the sheriff also alluded to the fact that President Obama sends his daughters to an expensive, exclusive private school in D.C. rather than relying on the public school system.

“This group is misguided. They could be a force for good, but instead they’re just shills for the Democrat Party. What they should be protesting is that in the Obama recovery, black people still can’t find meaningful work, the unemployment rate nationally is about 15-16 percent…they ought be protesting the fact that they have to send their kids—their kids are shackled to failing K-12 public schools… They ought to be protesting the fact that poverty has become generational in a lifestyle in the American ghetto because their people are hooked on the high of handouts and have gotten comfortable with government dependency. That would prove to me that black lives really matter, but instead this group…has made the American police officer the straw man.”

In the same interview, Sheriff Clarke also expressed appreciation for a Donald Trump statement that the current GOP presidential front-runner stands with law enforcement, with the exception of what he called a few bad apples among cops in America.

Do you think that Sheriff David Clarke’s ongoing criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement is credible?

[image via YouTube]