Who Is Ashley Salter's Boyfriend? 'Onion Girl' Finds Love After 'Paradise'

Who is Ashley Salter's boyfriend, and did she meet him before or after her gig on Bachelor in Paradise? Known to fans as Ashley S, it appears that the 25-year-old hairstylist from Brooklyn, New York didn't need a reality show to help her find true love.

Although Ashley has yet to be eliminated on Paradise, she's giving her own spoiler alerts on Instagram. For several weeks, she has been posting pics of herself with a man who is definitely not from the BIP cast or any other Bachelor franchise show.

According to WetPaint, the good looking guy in her photos is Austin Brannen, someone Ashley reportedly dated while attending Auburn University. Did Ashley reunite with Austin before or after she filmed Bachelor in Paradise?

Reality Steve states that filming for Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up more than eight weeks ago on June 24. Ashley started posting cute photos of her former (current?) boyfriend on Instagram a week after that, so it appears that they got together shortly after she was eliminated from the show on Week 5.

During her time in Paradise, fans were hopeful that Ashley's budding relationship with Dan Cox would turn into something more. When he moved on to Amber on Week 3, Salter admitted in an ITM that she was falling in love with the Dan.

Her co-stars babbled on about the "crazy Ashley" coming out after her breakup with Dan, but it's likely that she was just playing along for the cameras. After all, talking to animals isn't that out of the ordinary in Paradise — Clare did her fair share as well.

Ashley seemed broken-hearted when her relationship with Dan didn't work out on Bachelor in Paradise, but judging from her pics on Instagram, she has moved on to a more secure relationship off camera. Her photo captions are simple ("Happy Day") but hint that she's much happier than she was on both the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

Salter isn't the only one sharing adorable "couple" pictures on Instagram. The guy she's been showing off for almost seven weeks on Instagram posted a throwback photo of himself with a brunette Salter last week, captionning it "Throwbackkk from college" and another more current picture just days ago.

It looks like Ashley is enjoying life after Paradise with a great guy, no rose ceremony necessary.

Bachelor in Paradise airs for two more weeks with the season finale scheduled for September 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image: ABC]