Mitt Romney To Pick “Incredibly Boring White Guy” As Vice President Running Mate

The strategy for Mitt Romney and the GOP during the 2012 Presidential Election cycle seems simple enough, do everything exactly opposite of the John McCain. For example Romney is focused largely on the economy and he is fully engaged with fundraising the the Republican National Committee. However the campaigns biggest change of strategy from 2008 appears to be in its choice for vice presidential running mate.

Confirming the need for a “safe” VP one official says the campaign has promised to go with an “incredibly boring white guy.’

The official tells Politico:

“If not [Rob] Portman, [Tim] Pawlenty, [Mitch] Daniels—some other incredibly boring white guy.”

Another possibility would be for Mitt Romney to pick Bob Mcdonnell.

News of the “incredibly boring white guy” choices comes during a time when some pretty controversial choices have been floated around including the ultra-aggressive Chris Christie and the inexperienced Marco Rubio.

Apparently the GOP also feels that a female running mate such as Nikki Haley or Susana Martinez could cause Sarah Palin type problems while Paul Ryan would be too much of a “lightning rod.”

There has also been talks of bringing Mike Huckabee on board however he is far from outspoken and Mitt Romney’s camp is thought to believe that Huckabee would be seen by voters as an obvious attempt to appeal to the base.

With the cat out of the bag the real question now will be to see which candidate will be okay with the title “incredibly boring white guy” for the rest of their political career.

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