Colorado’s Maroon Bells Peaks Epic ‘Leap Of Faith’ Almost Ends In Tragedy [Video]

An epic trail on the Maroon Bells Peaks in Colorado has claimed the lives of a number of hikers over the years. One of the most terrifying features of the trail is the “Leap Of Faith.” The leap forces hikers to jump across a large gap between two of the peaks while hovering 14,000 feet in the air on unstable rocks. Two hikers learned the hard way exactly how terrifying the leap can be and caught the whole ordeal on their helmet cameras.

The Daily Mail notes that the Maroon Bells Peaks trek is no joke, in fact, it is so dangerous it has been dubbed “The Deadly Bells.” Two hikers decided to take the trail despite the warnings and caught the entire adventure on video with their helmet cameras. However, the most horrifying moment came when the first hiker made his jump across the “Leap Of Faith.”

In the video you watch as the first jumper looks down the gap and prepares for his big leap. As he jumps across the 14,000 foot high gap, the rocks underneath him shift. As the rocks shift they become unstable and large chunks of rock fall to the ground below. The video shows the horrifying ordeal from both the first-person perspective as well as the perspective of the other hiker who clings on to some nearby rocks as chunks of the mountain begin to fall away.

What do you think of the amazing Maroon Bells Peaks “Leap of Faith?” Would you ever attempt the deadly hike?

[Image Credit: YouTube]