Veterans Affairs Ruled Responsible For Marine’s Death As VA Shown As Largest Non-Military User Of Ashley Madison

A Veterans Affairs investigation into the death of Marine Jason Simcakoski ruled that Veterans Affairs is responsible for the death of the Marine while the VA is embroiled in yet another scandal. With the revelation that Veterans Affairs is the largest non-military federal user of the cheating dating site Ashley Madison, employees who used the site may have had their records compromised in this sensitive breach of information.

Investigators ruled that the Tomah, Wisconsin VA Medical Center was responsible for the death of Simcakoski because they failed to properly prescribe his medications. When Simcakoski was found unresponsive, staff failed to respond properly in treating him.

Jason Simcakoski died on August 30, 2014 during a stay at the VA Medical Center’s short stay mental health unit. As reported in Stars and Stripes, Simcakoski was given 13 different medications by the staff at the Veterans Affairs facility. It lead to mixed drug toxicity. Simcakoski was given several drugs that are prescribed for sedation, and staff psychiatrists prescribed additional drugs that increased the effects of his previously prescribed medications.

Because Simkakoski has privileges to leave the facility, doctors claimed he obtained additional drugs outside of the facility. The investigation concluded the he had enough drugs in his system to cause the sedation, and the drugs were prescribed by the facility. When Simkakoski was found unresponsive, staff failed to determine a heartbeat and properly use equipment to perform CPR investigator’s report said.

“Furthermore, we learned unit staff stopped CPR when facility firefighters arrived [expecting they] would take over the CPR efforts … however, firefighters at the facility are not designated as first-line staff to provide hands on emergency care.”

To add to the problems of Veterans Affairs, it was revealed that the records for the cheating site Ashley Madison indicated that at least 22 Washington D. C. city employees, in addition to those who worked for Veterans Affairs, were among those who records had been compromised. The dating site is used to cheat on significant others.

The single domain with the most Ashley Madison users is the Department of Veterans Affairs with 104. Over 15,000 of the accounts used to sign up for the site were associated with government or military domains. Only users whose information has been compromised will be notified of the breach to their information.

There has been no word yet as to whether there will be any disciplinary action imposed on the Ashley Madison website or whether or not users were using the site during work. As reported by the Inquisitr, Congress has moved to make it easier to fire bad employees.

What action should be taken against employees in the death of Marine Jason Simkakoska? What do you think of Veterans Affairs employees using the Ashley Madison site?

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