Jeb Bush Political Mailer’s Photoshop Fail Explained

Jeb Bush just experienced the pain of a Photoshop fail, and now his campaign is scrambling to explain themselves.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign made news for all the wrong reasons when a super PAC sent mailers to 86,000 residents in Iowa. The mailers featured Jeb Bush apparently with a city skyline behind him and his hands on his hips, one of which appeared to belong to a black man. Speculation swirled that Jeb Bush’s face had been Photoshopped onto a black man’s body. Initially, representatives of Jeb Bush, or the super-PAC, Right to Rise, could not be reached for comment.

Now representatives of Right to Rise have come forward to clear things up.

The image was Photoshopped, but that is absolutely Jeb Bush. According to Yahoo! Politics, Right to Rise spokesman Paul Lindsay explained that in the original photograph, a woman stood next to Jeb Bush and cast a shadow over his left hand. Right to Rise’s digital artists removed both the women and the original background from the photograph, then superimposed the image of Jeb Bush over a stock photo of Cedar Rapids. Unfortunately for the Jeb Bush presidential campaign, the digital artists neglected to remove the offending shadow. Lindsay even posted the original photograph to prove his explanation.

Unfortunately, for Jeb Bush and his presidential campaign, the explanation came too late. By Saturday August 22, Donald Trump, who currently leads polls and is widely expected to become the Republican party’s nominee for president in 2016, caught news of the Photoshop fail and used it as a platform to challenge Jeb Bush’s qualifications.

According to MSNBC, Jeb Bush has faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks over foreign policy and his plans for the Middle East if he becomes president. Initially, Bush would not address foreign policy decisions made by his brother, George W. Bush, during his controversial presidency. However, after the announcement of the Obama Administration’s nuclear treaty with Iran, Jeb Bush has begun to call the foreign policy of his brother a “good deal” and hired the same foreign policy advisers that led George W. Bush into the deeply-unpopular war in Iraq.

Jeb Bush needs to win over the public, and the embarrassing Photoshop fail may prove a damaging blow for public perception of Jeb Bush, who currently stands at sixth in polls behind Donal Trump, Ben Carson, Governor Scott Walker, Senator Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Governor Mike Huckabee. The failure became fodder for many jokes on Twitter

[Image via Twitter/Right to Rise]

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