Jeb Bush Suffers Hilariously Embarrassing Mistake In Political Mailer Sent To 86,000 People

Jeb Bush may need his political supporters to hire better copy editors from now on.

The Republican presidential candidate got caught up in a huge goof when a PAC supporting him sent out 86,000 political mailers that happen to show his head on the body of a black man. The picture showed Jeb standing in front of a city skyline with his hands on his hips — and one of those hands very obviously did not belong to Jeb.

Jeb Bush had a hilarious mistake in a mailer that went to 86,000 people

However it was that the mistake occurred, it may be costly to Bush. Think Progress noted that the incident shows a lack of concentration with Bush’s spending.

“Jeb Bush has been lagging in the polls, trailing Donald Trump by a wide margin nationally and in early states.

“Nevertheless, he’s still considered one of the most likely eventual nominees by pundits and political experts. One reason why is his Super PAC, Right To Rise, which has raised over $100 million, dwarfing his competitors.

“But having money is one thing. Spending it wisely is another.”

Some online sleuthing revealed that Jeb Bush’s entire mailer may have been faked, or at least hastily put together. Time noted that the background was a stock image of Cedar Falls, Iowa, and many others claimed that Jeb’s head appeared to be photoshopped on to a stock photo of a black man.

The hilarious mistake comes after what’s been a bad few weeks for Jeb Bush. Once the leader in the Republican polls, he is now falling further and further behind Donald Trump. The latest Real Clear Politics average has Trump ahead by 14.3 points, in fact.

There actually could be more trouble for Jeb’s chances. A new Harris Poll found that there may be someone even more popular than Donald Trump among Republican votes — Clint Eastwood. reports the following.

“When U.S. adults were asked to choose who would make a better president between the former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ host or the ‘American Sniper’ director, 72 percent of respondents chose Eastwood.

“Eastwood, an outspoken Republican, famously delivered a rambling, ad-libbed speech to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National convention, but the actor-director does have real political credibility that includes a two-year term as mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California and an appointment to the California State Parks and Recreation Commission in 2001.”

The group that paid for the Jeb Bush mailer, Right to Rise, did not respond to an interview request from NBC News.

[Image via Twitter/Right to Rise]

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