Nick Viall Arrives In L.A. Hours Before Next ‘Bachelor’ Reveal: Reality Steve Wrong About Ben Higgins?

Nick Viall arrived in L.A. on Sunday, just hours before ABC introduces the next Bachelor on the live After Paradise show on Monday night. While rumors point to Ben Higgins as the guy who will be handing out roses in January, many fans are wondering if Reality Steve is wrong and Nick is getting another chance at finding love on TV.

Earlier in the day on Sunday, Nick tweeted that he was flying from Chicago to Los Angeles and stated that it was “too early for Cheetos.” Fans who read Reality Steve‘s spoilers will remember Steve’s big reveal on Andi’s season — Nick was captured on video eating Cheetos and spilling the details on how he didn’t win the final rose.

Was Nick hinting that Steve’s prediction that Ben Higgins is the Bachelor is wrong or is he just trying to keep fans guessing? Steve warned fans earlier this week that producers would try to mislead fans into thinking Ben didn’t get the gig, so perhaps they are paying Nick to play along — or maybe he’s in L.A. for something totally unrelated to the Bachelor, like a modeling gig.

Last week, Viall was in Miami doing a photo shoot for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Although his Twitter bio shows that he still works as a software exec for Salesforce in Chicago, from the looks of his modeling portfolio, he’s been hard at work in front of the cameras.

Prior to the shoot, he was in New York City doing a podcast about “sex, relationships and a few things Bachelor World” with a few ladies at Bustle and took over their app to make commentary about Bachelor in Paradise during last week’s drama-filled episodes.

It’s clear that Nick Viall has been keeping himself in the spotlight since Kaitlyn rejected his proposal on the Bachelorette finale last month. Is he gearing up for a new career in modeling, a gig in the entertainment industry or will he be handing out roses as the Season 20 Bachelor?

Watch the live After Paradise show on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET to find out if Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor or if the folks at ABC fooled fans and picked Nick Viall.

[Image: Nick Viall Twitter]