Bobbi Kristina Brown: New Details Suggest Others May Have Been Involved In Drowning Incident

The circumstances surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death remain a mystery as investigators continue to search for answers in an effort to piece together what may have happened on the morning of January 31. Although many reports suggest Bobbi Kristina’s alleged alcohol and substance abuse contributed to her downfall, a new report now reveals there may be more to the story, and Nick Gordon may not have been the only person allegedly involved in her drowning.

As previously reported on Inquisitr, Bobbi Kristina’s friend Max Lomas was also present at her Roswell townhouse at the time of the bathtub incident, but apparently, he wasn’t the only friend inside the home.

According to the Daily Mail, a white female named Danyela Bradley, Lomas’ girlfriend, was also inside the townhome. However, she wasn’t just a mutual friend to the couple. She’s also rumored to be Nick Gordon’s other girl. Recent news reports have revealed the 18-year-old high school senior was actually lying across the bed when Nick and Bobbi Kristina became embroiled in a heated argument inside the bathroom where she was later found. It has been reported that the couple’s argument took place after Nick returned from an “all-night cocaine and booze bender.”

Danyela Bradley
Instagram photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown and Danyela Bradley.

“After the altercation, Gordon came out of the bathroom wearing different clothes and lay his head on the ankle of a ‘female guest’ who is believed to be Danyela and said, ‘Now I want a pretty little white girl like you,'” reports Daily Mail.

The rumors have only fueled speculation regarding Bradley’s possible involvement in Bobbi Kristina’s drowning incident. However, that’s not all. Photos capturing Nick and Danyela have also raised questions. A day after Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital, Nick was seen pushing Danyela out of the hospital in a wheelchair after being exiled from his girlfriend’s bedside. Although Nick was reportedly inconsolable when Bobbi Kristina was rushed to North Fulton County Hospital, the media is now questioning whether his inconsolable outbursts were genuine.

The reports including information about Danyela have also led to other allegations and many are wondering if she, her boyfriend Max, and Nick are equally guilty for what happened. The publication has also reported claims stated by another one of Bobbi Kristina’s friends via Facebook. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Bobbi Kristina’s friend, Mason Whitaker, claims she was allegedly given bad heroin and that Nick, Max, and Danyela waited approximately 20 minutes before seeking medical attention.

Although the claims are still considered rumors at this point, they have fueled the fire for more speculation. The investigation is ongoing.

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