Chicago Man That Sexually Abused 14-Year-Old Blindfolded Her And Allowed Others To Do The Same

Tavares Moseley is accused of sexually abusing a young girl, of only 14-years-old, and then blindfolding her so others could do the same.

The horrific crime occurred on June 25, according to the Chicago Tribune, in Orland Park. It was stated that Moseley entered the young girl’s home through an unlocked door and threatened the life of her and her family if she screamed.

“If you tell anyone, I will kill you and your entire family.”

Moseley held his hand over the young girl’s mouth to keep her silent and dragged her to the back porch, where he sexually assaulted her and threatened that if they were discovered, they would both run to get away. As he and the young girl were pulling up their pants, someone started to ascend the basement stairs and the the two ran, just as Moseley demanded. The young girl stated that she blacked out sometime shortly after. She remembers seeing a gas station, but nothing more.

The young girl woke up from the black out, only to find herself tied to a bed with a blindfold over her face. Over the course of three days, she was repeatedly raped by at least three men, possibly four. During the time, she was untied on occasion, but promptly tied back up. One of the men, his identity unknown, left one of her hands untied after raping her, allowing her the opportunity to escape.

Upon escape, she reported the rape and sexual assault and was taken to the hospital for observation. She was able to identify Moseley by his voice, which led to his eventual arrest.

According to Chitown Mugshots, Moseley was booked on August 22 in Chicago on aggravated criminal sexual abuse for a victim between the age of 13 and 17.

Bail was set at $500,000 by Judge Laura Marie Sullivan during his hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court building. He is not expected to be released until he goes to trial, which has yet to be scheduled.

It is unknown what the motive was behind the aggravated sexual assault, if it was a spur of the moment crime or if he planned the assault ahead of time. The relationship between the young girl and Moseley is also unknown at this time. It was not reported if the man that witnessed them pulling up their pants called the police, or if he did not fully see what was happening.

[Photo Courtesy Chicago Police Department]