Donald Trump On Megyn Kelly Feud Death Threats: ‘I Have Gained Such Respect For The People That Like Me And My Views’

Donald Trump and his admirers have been embroiled in a battle with Megyn Kelly’s own team of fans since their confrontation during the Republican presidential debates. Some of those Donald lovers even went as far as to send death threats to the Fox News anchor over Twitter.

That’s something Trump says he isn’t too worried about in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter. According to Donald, such words directed to Megyn shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

“I’m sure they don’t mean that. I had heard that had happened. But I have gained such respect for the people that like me and respect me and that like my views, it’s incredible.”

Trump has been under fire by media personalities on both sides of the political spectrum for his continuing fight with Kelly. Even after the debate, Donald continued to take jabs at Megyn, even making a joke about her menstrual cycle while appearing on CNN earlier this month. Still, Trump tells Hollywood Reporter, he isn’t ready to back down.

“I feel quite confident in my position. At the same time, I believe in apologizing. But to apologize for me is very difficult. I definitely would apologize if I were wrong on something.”

When asked about whether or not Donald would be appearing on Kelly’s program for a showdown, Trump seemed open but doubtful about the possibility. That’s despite the fact that he’s been a huge ratings pull for other pundit shows.

“Unlikely, but it could happen. They wanted me to do her show, but I’m not looking to do that. I know it’s good show business, I know it’s good for ratings, but that doesn’t matter. I did Sean Hannity’s show the other night — it’s the highest-rated show he’s ever had. And he has been such a gentleman to me. Bill O’Reilly has been so great. He’s a tough cookie, and he’s smart, but he’s been so fair. So I don’t know.”

In the interview, Trump was also more broadly asked about what he thought the role of Megyn’s network, Fox News, was in his campaign. Donald replied that many media outlets, not just the traditionally conservative ones, have been hungry to have him on air.

“I don’t know. It’s a great question. I know that CNN has been wild about the whole Trump thing, whatever that is, and MSNBC has been doing it, and Meet the Press and George Stephanopoulos and Face the Nation — I’ve been doing all of them. I don’t know what has caused this whole thing, but certainly Fox is very important.”

Donald Trump’s run-in with Megyn Kelly hasn’t seemed to dampen the possibility of him securing the nomination. A recent Reuters poll showed him as the top candidate with 32 percent of respondents saying they backed him, followed by just 16 percent for Jeb Bush.

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